Successful affiliate mastery

Welcome to SAM

Welcome to Successful Affiliate Mastery (SAM). 

SAM is the culmination of many years of hard work, testing and personal experiences. It is from our successes, and more importantly the lessons from our failures (and yes there have been lots of those – but better we failed than you right!).

Our goal at SAM is simple. To give any serious and committed budding entrepreneurs the tools and training to be successful online.

To get back your time, to take control of your life and live it on your terms with time, financial and location FREEDOM in abundance!

We are also realists. We know you are busy, we know you have distractions in your lives, and even that at times you can’t be bothered to send out that daily email or to do the daily task that you know you should.

So guess what? We have you covered!

SAM is unlike anything that you have seen before. By using a unique blend of automation, education, technology, training and even some done for you marketing we have created a system designed to be your best friend and cover all of your weaknesses.

When SAM is combined with HOW DO YOU RATE IT SAM (HDYRIS), you have THE winning system.

Imagine having a site like Amazon that records your leads for life, markets to them daily and then gives you 100% of the commissions?

That would be CRAZY right! I hear you say it would never happen right?

Well, that is why SAM and HDYRIS are so different. They are designed by marketers for marketers. 

We asked ourselves what we would like to get if we were the users, and then we made it possible for you.

So watch our welcome video below. And then go and get yourself registered for our Free Training below and also signed up as an Affiliate so you can start earning commissions today!

We hope to welcome you very soon!

Simon & Mike